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JF FE FlawlesslyStraight_Shampoo

Cosmo Hair Awards 2015 – Winner: Best Shampoo for Straight Hair

  John Frieda Frizz Ease Flawlessly Straight Shampoo Rescue your hair from turning into an unruly mess with a 24-hour moisture miracle in a tube. Pumped with frizz-mending proteins, John Frieda’s Flawlessly Straight Shampoo keeps your strands smooth and manageable, allowing you to maintain that post-shower lightweight silkiness throughout the day. Hello beautifully straight and … Continue reading

coffee powder

Powdered Caffeine Might Kill You, FDA Reminds Us

Although coffee is now basically considered a superfood, its most electric component — caffeine — can be deadly when consumed in powdered form. Last year, in fact, two young men died after overdosing on the substance, which can be bought legally. The Food and Drug Administration warned the public of these dangers while sending letters to five distributors of … Continue reading


You’re The Winners!

Look Who Got Lucky With Our Cosmo Competitions… Click to enlarge image.


10 Major Fall Trends You Probably Already Own

1. CHUNKY KNITS Image Source: Altuzarra, net-a-porter, Zara Turtlenecks are especially trendy this fall, but any thick knit will do. For a more modern look, try tucking a fitted chunky sweater into a high-waisted pencil skirt. Or, for a more relaxed but equally stylish look, take an oversized sweater and laver it on top of … Continue reading

Image Source: Cosmopolitan.com

17 Random Pieces of Garbage Every Twentysomething Has in Her Purse at All Times

1. Unwrapped cough drop covered in Mysterious Purse Dust. 2. A lot of Mysterious Purse Dust. 3. An empty tissue packet wrapper. 4. Seven crumpled receipts that you will never actually check against your bank account. 5. A business card from someone you had a really promising networking conversation with, who you will never, ever … Continue reading

Image Source: Getty

12 Things Women With Great Hair Do Every Day

If you’re constantly coveting perfect hair, turn away from all those pricey fad treatments that do more to drain your wallet than treat your strands. And instead, pick up some daily habits that will actually make a difference. We asked top stylists to spill their secrets on things women with fantastic hair do daily, and … Continue reading


Yes, Tontouring (Contouring With Self-Tanner) Is a Thing

Did you know you could sculpt your face with self-tanner? Coined by FEMAIL and demonstrated to the Daily Mail by Cocoa Brown founder Marissa Carter, tontouring (aka defining your facial features with self-tanner) actually works and is a good method to incorporate into your beauty regimen because it lasts for a few days. Here, Cosmopolitan.com copy editor Heeseung Kim shows you how it’s done. (Note: You … Continue reading

12 Things Every Twentysomething Should Know About Depression

1. If you’re younger than 25, it’s even harder to deal with depression because your brain isn’t even done developing yet. The prefrontal cortex, which controls your impulses and ability to reason, finishes developing around the age of 25, which makes it a hell of a lot harder to deal with the scary thoughts of depression … Continue reading


You’re The Winners!

Look Who Got Lucky With Our Cosmo Competitions…please click on the image to enlarge

Za Gel Eye Liner & Killer Volume Mascara

Cosmo Opinionators: ZA Gel Liner & Killer Volume Mascara

Za’s best-sellers are back with a special collaboration with cartoon character Pink Panther. The limited edition Gel Liner and Killer Volume Mascara are known for their great staying power and ability make eyes look even more alluring. Do they live up to their hype? Here’s what three Cosmo readers had to say about them… On … Continue reading


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