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You’re The Winners! (updated)

Look Who Got Lucky With Our Cosmo Competitions… Click to enlarge image.


You’re The Winners…

Look Who Got Lucky With Our Cosmo Competitions… Click to enlarge image


You’re The Winners!

Look Who Got Lucky With Our Cosmo Competitions… Click to enlarge image


14 Things That Get Too Real When He Moves In

1. You develop Spidey senses for things you had no idea bothered you before. Has he always made that noise when he chews? Would it be so much effort for him to not leave the closet door open all the time? Yes, you love him and yes, he’s the funnest roommate ever, but holy crap, those … Continue reading

What Your Face Shape Says About You

“Your face shape tends to reveal your basic personality and your overall approach to life,” says Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face. While most people don’t have a distinct face shape (you could have a mix of a square and round or oval and diamond-shaped face), some people do have one that … Continue reading

Source: Cosmopolitan.com

13 Signs He’ll Be Bad in Bed

1. He stares at his phone like it’s a hot girl he wants to sleep with and stares at you like you’re a pile of old cheese he keeps meaning to throw out. I know that pretty much our whole generation does this to some degree but if he’s more interested in checking out his friend … Continue reading

Source: Justin Carasquillo/Gallery Stock | Lauren Ahn from Cosmopolitan.com

10 Life-Changing Travel Hacks Every Twentysomething Should Know

Several years ago I was bitten by a travel bug that wouldn’t quit. After blowing through all my vacation time, I finally gave notice at my magazine job … and left for Thailand exactly two weeks later. My fascination with this astounding planet hasn’t waned since then, which means I’m on the road about two-thirds of the year, … Continue reading

Source: Getty | Lauren Ahn from Cosmopolitan.com

10 Things You Don’t Even Realize Are Making You Look Shabby

You already know that stains, rips, wrinkles, discolorations, pulled threads, missing buttons, and any other sort of generalized disrepair will make your outfit — and you — look like kind of a mess. And so will wearing clothes that pull, bulge, sag, or just plain don’t fit very well. But there are other, subtler ways that … Continue reading

Source: Cosmopolitan.com

14 Things That Get TOO REAL in Your Late 20s

1. Your complete inability to party. Remember when you started pregaming at 10 p.m. and went out at midnight? Now the pregame is finishing your work so you can leave the office on time and you close out your tab at 11. 2. Hangovers. What curse is this?!?!?!?!?! 3. Day Makeup vs. Night Makeup. Alternate title: There’s … Continue reading

9 Big Fat Lies You Believe About Fat

Ever since the fat-free food craze of the ’90s, everyone’s been hating on fat. But fat has long been misunderstood.To set the record straight — and let go of your fat fears — get the facts: Myth 1: Eating fat makes you fat. Truth: The fat you eat is very different from the fat your body stores​. Because … Continue reading


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