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Looking swole, bro

We’re On Swole Patrol

While the Cosmo team are ‘at work’, doing our ‘jobs’, we love checking out hot man bulges. Of course, we’re talking about ripped abs, buff biceps and muscular thighs. And there’s a new term that’s been catching out attention lately–‘swole’, meaning ‘swollen’, or that pumped up look you get after a serious weights workout. So … Continue reading

crucycle studio 03

Get Fit And Fab With Cosmo!

Let Cosmo spice up your workout by putting a fun twist on your boring gym routine. Join us to look fit and fab with two easy steps!   Step 1 – Beauty Road Test   Before breaking out into a sweat, learn how to look perfectly glam during your workout with tips and tricks from … Continue reading


Jennifer Lopez doesn’t age. Like, ever. Here’s proof.

Jennifer Lopez just turned 46, and woah she looks fine! She looked ridiculously hot at her birthday bash in The Hamptons. You remember her from her Fly Girl days? Yup, that’s her then and now. Mother of 7-year old twins, and a complete bombshell. She’s like a fine bottle of wine—only gets better with age.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY … Continue reading


She’s your favourite actress and you might not know her

You might not know her, but you may remember her from an odd role she did in some Hollywood blockbuster, or a one-time guest appearance on one of your favourite TV shows. She’s built a career based only on small and supporting roles. This year alone, she appeared in massive box-office successes like Jurassic World and … Continue reading


19 Mistakes Everyone Makes in Their Twenties

1. Not getting enough sleep. “But Anna,” you ask, “How can I sleep when there are so many mistakes to make?!” Don’t worry, you have an entire decade’s worth of days and evenings to irrevocably f*ck up your life. (1.5. Not washing the pillowcases often enough. Once a week, or else your skin will suffer.) … Continue reading


15 Things Women Think the First Time You Sleep Together

1. Let’s do this! I have been wanting to have sex with you foreeeeever (aka over the last 45 minutes at the bar or weeks or months, depending, but still!) 2. Wow, there is a previously unseen level of sexual tension between us. This The Notebook-level heat is going to lead to some serious bed action. … Continue reading

alex minsky

These war veterans are too hot to handle!

We know that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and nothing shows it quite as well as this series of pictures by Michael Stokes. Inspired by his interactions with a wounded US war veteran, the LA-based sports photographer has sparked conversations about beauty with stunning images in his books ‘Exhibition’ and ‘Always Loyal’. Instead … Continue reading

Night view_The Ritz-Carlton, Millenia Singapore

5 places to book a staycation at over the SG50 weeekend

How time flies! In less than two weeks’ time, the whole of Singapore will be celebrating the country’s golden jubilee. You can jostle with the crowd during the festivities, or you can book a staycay in the city and celebrate in air-con comfort (like a typical Singaporean, haha!). KAYAK.sg, a travel search engine, has picked out the … Continue reading

#SQUADGOALS: Patrick Stewart and Ian McKellan join Taylor Swift’s Crew

It’s a universally acknowledged fact that the coolest bromance in Hollywood is the one between Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellan.The two hang out all the time, take fun pictures together and basically redefine what we call friendship. McKellan even officiated Stewart’s wedding last September, which made the internet break out into one simultaneous … Continue reading


Light Up Your Life With Our Exclusive Cosmo Candle From To Be Calm

When your days are filled with stress and struggle, things can seem a bit, well, dark. That’s where To BE Calm comes in. Their fragrant candles will not only brighten things up, they also create an atmosphere that soothes senses and relaxes the mind. Light a candle and inhale. His-and-Hers Candle Our exclusive Cosmo candle … Continue reading


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