The unbearable brightness of being – Janice Yong











I love bright lip colours. Bold lipsticks are kinda like crayola for your mouth. Slick on straight from the tube and the cheery fuchsia, blood red or vermillion instantly makes me feel ‘made up’ and ready to face the world. The problem is, they tend to leave their mark on everything. And I mean everything. From presskits (no I don’t go around leaving lip prints on papers but in the flurry of packing that sometimes grips me, they tend to get onto papers) to shawls, sweaters and it even leaves streaks on my cheek at times. These are stains that are darn hard to launder off.

So what’s the solution? A lipstain that gives just as brilliant a colour, that’s what. Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm was developed for photo studios to mimic the effect of photo gels on set = vibrant colour. The best part, it lasts eight hours, is feather resistant and feels weightless. Don’t worry about it drying lips out, there’s an attached emollient balm on the other end of the tube that you can use over the lipstain.

How to use:

Start with dry lips that are completely clean (no lip balm or suggestive lip licking for that matter!). Fill in lips like you’re colouring with a sharpie marker. Let the stain dry. Then apply the tinted balm on top to moisturise lips. The lipstain marker portion has to be immediately capped after use as it dries out real fast.

I tried the Guava shade, a zingy orangey red that gives life to the most blah complexion days. I swear it even made my hair bouncier. It doesn’t kiss off or get onto anywhere it isn’t supposed to. Awesome!

Smashbox Limitless Lip Stain & Color Seal Balm, $38, from Sephora

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