Hot For Hot Dogs – Denise Li

One of the things I like about the location of my office (at the junction of Havelock Road and Outram Road), besides its proximity to town, is its abundance of food choices. Though I’ve been working in this same office for a few years now, I NEVER tire of the food here. For yummy hawker fare, there’s Zion Road market and Tiong Bahru market, both a 10-minute walk away. When I’m in need of a comfort food fix on a rainy day, there’s not one but two famous bak kut teh stalls close by for nourishing goodness. For gourmet coffee, burgers and fish and chips, the restaurants at Robertson Quay are a hop and a skip away.

When the folks from the Spa Esprit group (they also own House at Dempsey, as well as 40 Hands) got in touch and told me they’d be opening up a new restaurant, O My Dog at Great World City, I was thrilled! After all, while the gourmet burger scene in Singapore has really taken off over the past couple of years, thanks to casual dining restaurants like Relish and Burger Shack, no one has done quite the same for hot dogs as yet. Whenever the craving for quality sausages hits, I’d usually head to Swiss Butchery or Brotzeit, so it’s great to know that I now have an option much closer to my office.

What’s great about O My Dog is that you get to completely customise your hot dog. First, you have to choose between two types of breads; plain and multigrain. Next, you get a choice of either a chicken, beef or pork sausage. Lastly, you can choose from ten different flavours and here’s where it gets really interesting.

Forget the usual ketchup, mustard or even, sauerkraut. Just take a look at your choices below!

We had the opportunity to try quite a few of the flavours during the tasting, but the one I loved the most was the Ottoman. It came with green tomatillo, carrot ketchup, diced tomato and sesame. Debs, who was with me, wasn’t so hot about the idea of “carrot ketchup” but I thought it provided a sweet counterbalance to the rest of the condiments. It was a lovely tangy combo that balanced out the meatiness of the hot dog.

Meat lovers will love the Speedy Spicy Gonzales. It came with sauteed chopped chorizo (yup, sausage on top of sausage, BOOM!), garlic mayo and chilli flakes.

Speedy Spicy Gonzales

Those with slightly more adventurous tastebuds might want to try the Hunky Pumpkin, which has roasted pumpkin, chopped eggs and vinagrette. The egg-and-pumpkin combination was, to me, a little strange to say the least, but it seems to have found a fan in Kathleen, our senior designer.

The one thing we all loved, however, was that the sausages were made from gourmet, grain-fed meats, so you definitely won’t have that icky, generic, overly salty and processed taste or having to deal with the scary thought that you don’t know which part of the chicken/cow/pig you’re biting into.

The chewy bread also gave the meal its heartiness so you’ll definitely leave feeling totally satisfied.

This is the perfect place for a celebratory or bonding lunch with your colleagues. Besides their range of hot dogs, you can also get their famed “Skinny Pizzas” and wide range of gorgeous desserts here. Me? I’m just happy with the fact that I have one more takeaway option that isn’t processed fast food. I just have to pop by the camper van to have a hot dog whipped up for me in double-quick time.

O My Dog is at #03-31/32 Great World City.

Each hotdog is priced at $8.

Hotdog + drink is priced at $9 (for takeaway only).

Hotdog + drink + truffle fries is priced at $12 (for takeaway only).

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