The Thing That Scared The Cosmo Office Today

With Halloween just round the corner, everyone’s looking for the next big scary thing.

This website totally gave us the creeps – .

You’ll have to try it to experience that pure, unadulterated horror. For those too chicken to try it, here’s a quick summary of what this site is all about.




1. Log into the website using the address provided.

2. You’ll need to give this site access to your Facebook stuff.

3. Once you okay-ed that. Let the thrill (and horror) begin!

4. A creepy guy is at his computer. He’s checking something …

5. Right … so he’s really creepy. And what could he be looking at …

6. He types in a password on Facebook’s login page …

7. Something comes up … it’s your Facebook page!

8. He looks at the messages your friends leave you …

9. He clicks on your photos …

10. He traces his fingers lightly on the screen … he likes what he is seeing …

11. As the stalking progresses, creepy guy gets visibly more agitated. YOU REALLY HAVE TO SEE IT. BEST CREEPY ACTING OF THE YEAR!

12. After much struggle, he makes up his mind … he gets into his car …

13. On the dashboard … he has your picture …

See! Even our description of this entire journey ends on the unlucky number 13. YOU REALLY HAVE TO TRY THIS FOR YOURSELF.

The entire experience ends on a countdown … only one of the Cosmo girls is brave enough to wait for the ultimate reveal. The rest of us have chickened out.

Well, it’s a dark and gloomy day … you decide when you want to try this.

PS: When was the last time you changed the password to your Facebook account?

2 Responses to “The Thing That Scared The Cosmo Office Today”
  1. Vanessa says:

    Hahaha awesome! I’ve seen something like this before; except they paste your photo all over billboards in downtown New York and other major cities in the world, with nations rising to their feet cheering you on lol

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