Shiny, pretty things – Janice Yong

You know when Christmas is here when the lovelies of a beauty brand arrive wearing Santa hats and bearing pretty gifts. It’s about a month’s countdown and I just can’t wait for it to come! Great food, too much bubbly shared with loved ones, parties, wrapping (and unwrapping) presents and dressing up in fancy things…what’s there not to like?

Unfortunately when you work in a monthly magazine, it can seem like Christmas is over after all the craziness of the December issue is done with. I’ve read and written so much about all the gorgeous offerings for the season that I can feel a tad jaded. But guess what got me all revved up about the season again? The super cute black furry clutch that’s tricked out with bling that said Santarinas brought with them (amongst other goodies!). It’s so adorable, I am taking it with me on my ‘date’ with Kevin Spacey this weekend.

Want one of your own? Great news is, it comes with the Maquillage Aura Beauty set. Maquillage Aura Beauty is a pretty pressed powder compact with seven different colours to balance out unevenness in your skintone so you get translucent-looking skin. It even has skincare properties to hydrate and moisturise, and covers pores and roughness. The powder smells really nice and when I brushed it on, my complexion looked luminous and perfect – instantly! It’s good for a touch-up post-work and pre-party or used to set your foundation. You can even use the colours separately as an eyeshadow or blusher. The set includes a Powder Grinder that you can use to grind up the pressed powder so you can dust it all over, an angled face brush with the softest bristles, a standing mirror and the evening clutch.

Maquillage Aura Beauty set (limited edition) is now available at major department stores, $140.

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