Merry Christmas from Team Cosmo!

Before everyone vanishes for the Christmas holiday, the Cosmo team would love to wish every one of you a Merry Christmas!

“Here’s wishing you a Christmas filled with love and lots of laughter! It’s not just about receiving an insane number of presents but a chance to remind yourself how fortunate and blessed you are. Be sure to close this year on a happy note and make peace with anyone who may have crossed you one way or another. Have an extra meaningful Christmas!” Deborah, editor-in-chief




“Merry Christmas, dear Cosmo reader! For 2012, forget the usual cliches about dieting or losing weight. Instead, do something that’s truly nourishing for your mind and soul; resolve to get rid of the toxic elements in your life, to meet up with your friends more often and … have MORE SEX! I’m confident you’ll be able to make it happen!” Denise, features editor




“Have a jolly Christmas fellow Fun, Fearless Female! Embrace your looks instead of obsessing over changing what you’ve got. If you’ve got curls let them be va-va-voom, if you’ve got a booty, flaunt it! Try a bold new lippie and spritz on some sexy scent then walk tall. Sex appeal is half what others think you’ve got! Go out there and show ‘em what ya got!” Janice, beauty editor




“Here’s wishing you a jingle-rockin’ Christmas! HO! HO! HO! May your 2012 be filled with lots of goodness, cheer and, of course, LOVE! You single ladies out there, may you meet the love your life and enjoy total bliss! I’m sure the right guy is just around the corner. I hope everyone stays cheerful and healthy! Let’s all remember to stay positive!” Candice, graphic designer




“2011 has come to end in a blink of an eye!!! Leave all the negativity and sadness of his year behind (I know I will) and embrace the New Year with positivity and hope. And with all the merry gatherings that you’ll be enjoying, remember to safeguard your health, wealth and never drink and drive! I wish you all a very Happy and Blessed Christmas! ” Kathleen, senior graphic designer




“Wow! It’s the end of the year once again! It’s the time where you meet up with cherished family and friends to … PARTY LIKE A ROCK STAR!!! Let’s forget the past hurts and disappointments of 2011 and look forward to a spanking new year filled with excitement, new opportunities and plenty of hot men. MUACKS!” Vanessa, editorial assistant




“Who says you can only choose to be either naughty or nice? I say, you have every right to be BOTH! And, what better time to rock this attitude than during the festive season? Year-end parties, meeting new people, cuddling up with your man, plenty of receiving and giving in bed … the list of opportunities is endless. Have a fun, fearless Christmas!” Lili, sub-editor



Art director Say Lee and Fashion ed Trisha have both gone to see Santa on our behalf to make sure we’ll all be getting fabulous gifts from Marni, Prada, Miu Miu, Balenciaga, Mulberry, Chanel … and lots more!!!

One Response to “Merry Christmas from Team Cosmo!”
  1. Wilma says:

    Have a Happy Holidays! :)

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