Why You Should Improve Your Cardio – Tan Lili

Recently, our entire office building had a blackout. Not only that, there was this loud ominous whirring sound reverberating through the building. We screamed — mostly in agony, because we didn’t get to save our work on our PCs before the power went off. We all gathered at our office lobby area because, you know, safety in numbers. Then, I saw my boss, the only person looking ready to flee the building.

“Um, Debs, why are you carrying your bag?” I asked.

“My car key is in my bag — if zombies start attacking the building, at least I can escape quickly!” she reasoned.

“NOOO!!! Don’t you know zombies attack car parks first?! Remember the number-one rule in Zombieland? Run like the wind, yo!” features ed Denise exclaimed.

So, back to the title of my blog post: why should you improve your cardio? Because of the impending Zombie Apocalypse, that’s why!

But first things first: why is the Cosmo team so crazed about zombies? Well, apart from the fact that such occasional dramatic displays help keep us sane at work, we’re adequately wigged out from the recent parade of flesh-eating incidents. (Face-eating naked man? A man chewing off the ear of another at a restaurant? A man stabbing himself and then throwing pieces of his intestines at the police?) It’s created such a worldwide buzz, even the US government had to issue a statement — yes, they actually released an official statement! — to allay the nightmarish possibility of the walking dead.

I beg to differ. In the animal kingdom, there are at least five known parasites that can control the minds of creepy-crawlies like ants, cockroaches and caterpillars. My theory is, if it happens to animals, it can happen to humans. Evolution works in mysterious ways, my friends.

You might have read Debs’ post on how to survive one, but allow me to expand on the cardio bit.

I’d fallen off the running bandwagon ever since my monumental four-and-a-half-hour walk. But recently, I’ve gotten back into the groove again. Coupled with my weekly outdoor bootcamp session, I feel fitter than ever. And, I’m proud to say that for the first time ever, I jogged non-stop during the recent Adidas Sundown Marathon 2012 10km run. In fact, according to the results, I managed to outrun 677 joggers during the second-half of the race. My timing isn’t awe-inspiring, of course, but that’s not the point. What matters is, I’m now confident I can outrun zombies too.

Rule #1: Cardio — check!

2 Responses to “Why You Should Improve Your Cardio – Tan Lili”
  1. I agree with the cardio, I am currently doing alot of swimming, biking and running. Some peple think I am training for the triathlon, the fools. It’s actually in readiness for the coming zombie apoc, next will be helicopter lessons and how to swing a bat in the most effective way (we don’t ahve great access to guns here in Sweden).
    So people, get ya skates on (not literally).

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