Cosmo Instagram Challenge Is Back!

Now that Instagram is available for both iPhones and Android phones, there is no excuse for you not to take part!

Starting July 1, the Cosmo Instagram Challenge wants you to take pictures of “Your Sweet Life”.

Each day, take a picture according to the theme shown on this chart.

The ones who complete the challenge by taking pictures on all 31 days in July will be entered into a draw where one lucky person will win a $100 Kikki.K Voucher.


1. You need to have an iPhone or an Android phone. Then download the Instagram app into your phone. More details here.

2. Now that you are officially an Instagramer, add @cosmo_singapore to your Following list. Once you have added us, we will add you back.

3. On July 1, you can take your first snapshot reflecting the theme shown on our Instagram Challenge chart. Before you upload your picture, be sure to tag your photo in the following manner: “Day 1: Family #cosmosgphoto“. You may add whatever caption you want to your picture after that. See the example below:

4. Your finished product should appear on your screen like that:

5. The fun of doing this challenge is to take a picture EVERY DAY in the month of July. Please understand that BELATED ENTRIES will not be accepted. July 1 – you take a picture about “family”; July 2 – you take a picture about “your desk” and so on.

6. Anyone can take part. But only those living in Singapore will be eligible for the prize.

7. You must be a member of Cosmo Singapore’s Facebook page so remember to “Like” our page first!

8. On 1 August, those of you who managed to finish this challenge should send the following details to

Instagram Username:
Email Address:
Contact Number:

Results will be revealed in the October 2012 issue of Cosmo.


Cosmo Team!

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