This Underrated Singer Will Give You An Eargasm – Tan Lili

ear·gasm /îr,gazəm/ (noun): The experience of hearing something (i.e. music) so incredible that it could be considered the auditory equivalent of an orgasm. Also adj. eargasmic. [Source: Urban Dictionary]

I thought I’d experienced eargasm before, but my latest musical discovery took it to a whole new explosive level. In fact, it’s so life-changing, it warrants an entire blog post dedicated to the singer. His name: Jon McLaughlin.

Just a brief history about him: Jon McLaughlin, 30, married (sniff!), is an American pop rock singer-songwriter and pianist. He launched his debut album Indiana in 2007, and has since released three more albums, with his latest, Promising Promises, in May this year. His songs have appeared in several TV shows, including Scrubs and Ghost Whisperer. He’s toured with the likes of Adele, Kelly Clarkson, and OneRepublic.

You might have heard one of his songs before – the theme song from the movie Enchanted, “So Close”. I’ve always liked the song but, recently, as I listened to it again with a pair of noise-cancelling headphones, I thought, “Wow, this guy can sing.” Curious, I Googled his name. Well, it certainly doesn’t hurt that he looks like this:

Next, I searched for his other songs on YouTube. There are some singers who sound fab on the album, but they can’t sing live to save their lives. Then there are others who sound pretty decent on the CD, and they sound even better live. Jon McLaughlin belongs to the latter.

The first video I saw was his live rendition of “Beautiful Disaster”. You’ll notice he’s always playing a piano as he performs, and it’s no wonder why — his piano-playing skills are phenomenal. His long and nimble digits are masterfully trained (since he was four) to caress the piano keys, making sweet, sweet music for our listening pleasure. He puts so much passion into his performance, you know it has to be from the heart. And his voice … it’s smooth like warm honey. Don’t believe me? Watch it for yourself:

What about you – which singer gives you an eargasm? Come on, share the love!

One Response to “This Underrated Singer Will Give You An Eargasm – Tan Lili”
  1. Deborah Tan says:

    For me Adam Levine’s voice always makes me feel so “lovelorn” and “emo”. That, and any songs by The Script.

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