A Bridesmaid’s Guide to Life – Vanessa Tai

So yesterday I received very happy-fying news … one of my pals is getting married and she wants me to be her bridesmaid! This adds on to my happiness of being asked to be my cousin’s maid-of-honour :D I don’t know about you, but I’m one of those people who loves weddings. I say yes to all wedding invitations – even if I’m not very close to the couple – simply because I think weddings are joyous occasions. Being not-very-lucky-in-love, I think it’s nothing short of miraculous that two completely different human beings can come together to pledge their undying love for each other.

But anyway! This post is not about me.

I just thought it would be helpful for all you bridesmaids-to-be to have a handy little guide, even if you don’t especially relish the idea of being one (like our features ed, Denise. Read her reasons here.) Because there are scores of articles out there on what you should do as a bridesmaid, I thought I’ll list out the top 3 things NOT to do.

1. Steal their thunder

The attention should ALWAYS be on the bride

Remember that episode in FRIENDS where Monica and Chandler announced their engagement? Rachel got so emotional about being the only single one left that she ended up kissing Ross in the hallway. Everyone then got so caught up with Ross’ and Rachel’s kiss that Monica’s engagement became secondary. Naturally, Monica got really upset and the celebratory mood was ruined. Moral of the story? Never, ever upstage the bride. Your job is to assist her in every little way, and as much as possible, keep out of the limelight. Yes, that means no flirting with the best man … well, not until the reception is over, at least.

2. Steal their husband

No hanky panky with the groom, please

Now you would think this is a bit of a no-brainer. But, apparently, not everyone got the memo about the groom being off-limits. In May this year, the internet was abuzz with the shocking photos and videos of a China bride who was attempting to jump off a building. Rumour had it that her groom was caught having an affair with the maid-of-honour! Thankfully, the poor woman was pulled to safety. Now, we can only hope she picks a better man (and maid-of-honour) the next time round.

3. Be superstitious

Apparently, there’s this old wives’ tale that goes, “Three times a bridesmaid, never a bride.” Basically, it means you shouldn’t be a bridesmaid more than three times in your life or you’ll be *gasp* left on the shelf. I actually know several girls who’ve turned down requests to be their friend’s bridesmaid because of this belief. Personally, I think it’s ridiculous. I stand firm by my belief that being a bridesmaid is a great honour (not to mention, plenty of fun) Besides, look at Katharine Heigl in 27 Dresses!

Of course, the above are just some tongue-in-cheek tips … for some really practical tips (and gorgeous bridal fashion), download the Cosmo Bride app, now available on the iPad!

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