Cosmo Opinionators on Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen

‘Fess up those of you who like mixing and matching your skincare products. Well, Janet Curmi, Elizabeth Arden’s Vice President of Global Training & Development, advises that you stick to a particular regime so that your skin can reap the optimum benefits. By using products specifically targeted for your skin needs, you’ll be able to see visible results much faster. Three of our readers tried out the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen, which is a 4-step routine said to improve oily complexions within six days. Apart from getting them to share their experience, we got these women to blot their skin on the first, third and last day of trying out the new products (pictures below!)

Cosmo Opinionator 1: Deborah Gifford

Deborah (Day 1)

Deborah (Day 3)

Deborah (Day 6)

“Previously, each time I caught a glimpse of my greasy face in the mirror, I would feel sad and frustrated. However, after faithfully using the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen (without any of my other usual skincare products), my skin did not have its usual grease-slicked appearance. I also noticed my complexion had become much smoother, without that orange-peel appearance of large open pores. A thorough dabbing with a facial blotter at the end of each day showed that my skin was definitely much less greasy.”

Cosmo Opinionator 2: Cindy Wee

Cindy (Day 1)

Cindy (Day 3)

Cindy (Day 6)

“In the past, my cheeks would be visibly greasy by mid-day, but this was largely reduced after I started using the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen. After a week of using the products, I saw huge improvements in my T-Zone – my complexion had a matte appearance. I’ve tried many different types of oil-control products in the past, but this is the only range that was able to target my skincare problems within a week.”

Cosmo Opinionator 3: Pei Ling

Pei Ling (Day 1)

Pei Ling (Day 3)

Pei Ling (Day 6)

“The gentle astringent formula left my face feeling refreshed and clean without drying it. My skin felt hydrated, yet non-oily throughout the day. I even found myself having to blot my face less frequently than before. There were also no skin irritations or break outs from using the products – an added bonus!”

Now that you’ve read their reviews, how about trying Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen for yourself?

We’re giving away 5 sets of the Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen, each set is worth $268!

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4 Responses to “Cosmo Opinionators on Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Oil-Free Regimen”
  1. Helene says:

    A simple way of talking about a skincare product but so effective. This post rocks to the max! I’m definitely getting it.

  2. WC Grace says:

    Thank you for the giveaway. Email sent

  3. Quek CH says:

    Pls enter me. Shared and emailed.

  4. Bebe Lee says:

    Entered. Thanks.

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