Let Cosmo Help You Take the First Step!

Even the boldest, most daring women occasionally need a little help in the confidence department. The August issue of Cosmo is all about arming you with the tips and info you need to go forth and grab Life – and love – by the reins.

1. Show Your Money Who’s Boss

Struggling to make ends meet close to the end of the month? You’re not alone! We hooked women with different financial issues up with experts so they could find out how they can make the best of what they have. Psst … if you’ve got a weakness for designer bags, this is the story you have to read.

2. Save Yourself From An Almost-Relationship

You know what we mean. You and a guy have been seeing each other a few times a week for a couple of months, yet he’s not really a friend but not quite a boyfriend. Whether it’s because he’s commitment-shy, or because you’re not quite sure how you feel about him, we’ve got you covered here.

3. Impress Your Future Boss … Today

Employers these days don’t just put job ads in the newspapers and hope the suitable candidate will respond; they are going online and actively searching for the right person for the job. Up your chances of scoring your dream gig by creating an awesome online profile. Check out our nifty expert-approved tips here!

4. Confront Your Fashion Phobia

Love the versatility of jeans, but hate that you can’t seem to find one that fits perfectly? In “The Denim Workbook”, find out more about the latest denim trends, as well as which one’s most flattering for your body shape and type. Consider your denim woes sorted!

All this and more in the August issue of Cosmo! Don’t miss out; click on this eBook sampler now to see what else we’ve got in store for you.

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