Some Call It Tacky; I Call It A Work Of Art – Tan Lili

“Eeee … So ah lian!” said my ever-loving boyfriend after I proudly showed him my new tattoo last November. Since then, he’s been telling everyone that my tattoo translated to his name in Latin.

Yeah, I don’t think it translates to a name.

Boys. Pfft.

Even until today, my boyfriend still gives me grief whenever I mention about getting inked again. He insists it “taints my skin”. Yeah, whatever. He just doesn’t get my fascination with tattoos. It’s not as if I didn’t put much thought into getting the ones I have. And, I certainly wasn’t under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances, thank you very much. Those outrageous “tattoo fail” pictures being circulated on the internet are a sobering warning to stay far, far away from tattoo parlours on drinking nights.

There’s a story behind every tattoo. Be it a sad or a happy one, each story tells of a significant moment in that person’s life. To see that moment artfully presented on the skin makes it a beautiful work of art — and that’s what both my tattoos are to me.

I got my very first tattoo a few years ago — it’s a tiny star on my wrist. It’s a physical reminder that I’m never alone, that someone whom I loved dearly is still out there looking after me. It gives me strength, knowing it will always be a part of me.

My second one is the Latin phrase “Sic itur ad astra”, which translates to “Thus, you shall go to the stars”. It’s really up to everyone’s interpretation and, for me, it simply means immortality. (Cue Twilight jabs from my friends but, no, it really isn’t about the sparkly vampires — for once. Heh.)

I’d still love to get another tattoo, but I suppose, begrudgingly, two is enough for now … at least until I feel an overwhelming need to document a significant moment of my life on my skin again. So, boyfriend, you win.

Speaking of “work of art”, have you Instagram-ed your picture of the day yet for our Cosmo Instagram Challenge? I’ve already posted mine for today’s theme — no prizes for guessing which picture I chose.

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