Yes! TORTURE Me!!! – Deborah Tan

Tuning into the BBC yesterday on my way to the office, I heard this news about the “pandemic of inactivity”.

The report went something like how, on the average, a person should clock in at least two and a half hours of workout every week. That’s about five times a week, 30 minutes each session. Or, it could be two hour-long sessions with a short 30-minute run over the weekend.

Sounds like an easy goal to reach, yes? But apparently lots of us find it difficult to exercise even for an hour a week.

There are serious health implications associated with the lack of exercise. While these aren’t diseases directly linked with not exercising, the chances of you getting them go down when you do. They are heart disease, obesity, breast cancer and bowel cancer. Interestingly, all four are pretty prevalent in Singapore.

When someone says, “Let’s do something fun”, the last thing that comes to mind is usually “exercise”. Most people HATE exercising. The physical exertion, the sweating … these just don’t seem synonymous with “fun”. But, guess what, once you start, you really can’t stop.

I’m telling the truth!

Sub-editor Lili and I go to a bootcamp every Wednesday evening. And we’ve been doing that for about a year and half. While we moan and groan every time our trainer barks at us to run another lap round the track, the week just doesn’t seem complete when we have to miss a session. Yes, people tell us we look like we are about to keel over and die (see evidence below), but we really are hooked to the “torture”.

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Don’t be deceived by our pained expressions. Our waistlines were very proud of us.

This is the first time I’m actually sharing them … but the not-so-well-known reasons why I like exercising are:

1. I get a rush seeing my sweat drip onto the ground

I know, I know … it sounds slightly fetish-ish. But instead of seeing sweat as “evidence of torture”, I see sweat as “melted fat”. Skip, skip, skip … heart pumps like crazy, you stop to catch your breath, and beads of sweat just fall onto the ground … it’s very satisfying. And it shows you are burning some serious calories here.

Despite the torrential rain, Lili and I completed our bootcamp last Wednesday.

2. It gives me the chance to “show off” 

I’m one of those people Facebook memes ridicule. But making your workout a “social” affair, just means you are forced to stick with it. It’s all about “keeping up with appearances”. You really have no excuse to slack off now that 527 “friends” are aware of your “newfound love with muay thai” or that you have been “doing 6km in 30 minutes along Holland Road”. Also, posting pictures of me getting tortured means no one has the right to tell me I’ve packed on weight. I mean, “Excuse me! Can’t you see I’ve been working out? You must be damn shallow to think I’m fat!”

3. It’s really the only time I have to put down my damn iPhone!

Besides checking emails (work and personal) like every 2 seconds. I also use my phone to keep track of Cosmo’s Facebook Page, Cosmo’s blog’s stats, my personal and work Twitter feeds and, Facebook. My phone should really be surgically attached to my hands! The only time I put my phone down is when I exercise. I’m very proud that I’m still not one of those who carry their phones on them as they run or do weights. In a way, I really appreciate my exercise-time. Cos otherwise, my eyes would just be always glued to the iPhone screen!

Today, Lili and I have successfully managed to convince Vanessa to join us at our bootcamp. We (Lili and I) have decided to do a second session on Saturday mornings and, Van has been roped in too! If you are keen to see why we love our bootcamp sessions, come find us at the Evans Road Track (also known as the Bukit Timah Law Campus) this Saturday at 8am. Book your session with our trainer (Simon – now! The more, the merrier! So, see you there!

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