Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Females: Olivia Choong, Environmental Activist

When we first spoke to Olivia, 33, we were immediately bowled over by her commitment to environmental activism. While many of us try to adopt green practices – minimising waste and recycling where we can – she takes it a (huge) step further by making it a full-time job. By day, she handles public relations for green companies. In her free time, she organises Green Drinks, a monthly meetup attended by people who work in the environmental field. She’s also recently launched the Safer Skin campaign to raise awareness of toxic ingredients in beauty products.

Tell us more about Green Drinks.

It started out as a networking event meant to connect people across sectors as diverse as the media, academia, government agencies and NGOs in the hopes that they could collaborate and share their knowledge. It’s since expanded, and we now have regular speakers coming in to give talks about things like electric vehicles, food and energy security, and more.

What makes you so motivated to save the Earth?

I believe it’s the responsible thing to do. The Earth isn’t going to save itself; and with our modern, consumerist lifestyles, the state of the environment is only going to degrade at a faster rate. I think this is a serious problem that needs to be dealt with urgently.

Any plans for future campaigns?

Yes, plenty! I hope to start one to encourage people to switch to cycling as a mode of transport. I’d also like to launch an “eco-sex” campaign to raise awareness of the use of harmful industrial chemicals in some sex toys; there are actually plenty of other safer options out there. Now, who says saving the environment is an unsexy endeavour?

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