Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Females: Judee Tan, Fly Entertainment artiste

If there’s one group of women who have been quietly, but steadily making their presence felt in Hollywood, it’s female comedians. Just look at the rise of Kristen Wiig, Mindy Kaling and Whitney Cummings in the past year or so. Well, we’re glad to report that Singapore is experiencing the same phenomenon … and Judee Tan, in her early 30s, with her hilarious portrayal of North Korean reporter Kim Bong Cha in The Noose is helping to blaze a trail.

Have you always seen yourself as a “funny” person?

Hardly! I was a bit of a delinquent back in my teenage days, and my peers dubbed me “Iron Lady” because I could be in turns moody and fierce. Even when I got my start in performing, I didn’t do theatre until a few years ago. Requests for me to do comedy only started coming in after the video of my Ris Low impersonation started circulating on the Internet!

What are some misconceptions of women doing comedy?

People often point out that for women to do comedy well, they can’t be too good-looking. My answer to that is: “Well, why not?” I think it’s time for more people to accept that looking good and being funny are not mutually exclusive traits. I think having a sense of humour is a sign of confidence … and what could be more sexy than that?

As an artiste, how do you deal with criticism?

I do my best to be gracious about it; people are, after all, entitled to their own opinions. I know I don’t have to feel too badly about it as long as I know I’ve been true to my vision.

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