Cosmo’s Fun Fearless Females: Malvina Risby, founder of Hom Yoga

She’s just 25 years old but already the owner of two yoga studios in two continents; one in Singapore, and the other, in Sydney, Australia. Malvina is currently also in the midst of preparing for the opening of her third – the flagship studio at Orchard Central – this September. She may be a successful entrepreneur, but she also uses her businesses as a platform to raise awareness for women’s issues.

Tell us about one of the initiatives Hom Yoga is involved in.

We partnered with beauty brand Dermalogica to start joinFITE, an initiative that provides women with access to microloans so they can start businesses and, at the same time, better themselves or their larger communities. We hope to empower women through financial independence and entrepreneurship.

Why are women’s issues so important to you?

I have had a liberal upbringing and a privileged life, but I’m aware that many women in other parts of the world do not have the same voice or visibility within their homes and societies. Gender discrimination is still extremely pervasive in less-developed parts of the world, which is why I’m committed to enabling women to developing skills to allow them access to a more diverse market place, and raising awareness about violence against women.

How do you find the time to run your businesses in Singapore and Australia?

I try my best to find a balance between work, social activism, as well as put aside time for family, friends and myself. I also love what I do, which is probably why I don’t consider it work at all! When life gets hectic, I remind myself to step back and breathe, but also, to be truly present and savour the moment.

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