Janice Pidduck 

Fashion Director

Our resident English rose has a head of beautiful ginger hair that the Cosmo team cannot stop talking about! Besides her lust-worthy hair colour, Janice has an impeccable eye for fashion. She’s got a knack for picking up stuff that will inspire a shopping spree in those who see them. A self-professed health nut, Janice sticks to a diet rich in fruit and veggies and doesn’t touch meat or carbs before 12 noon.


HaydenHayden Ng

Editorial Assistant

The only male member at Cosmo is a self-confessed fan of Fann Wong. A typical Gemini, observing people is his pastime; and when he’s quiet, it’s either due to hunger or anger. This auntie-magnet also loves to daydream and loathes couples who openly smooch on buses and trains (Hey, get a room!).



13 Responses to “Team COSMO”
  1. Yanne Wong says:

    Is there any gift like calendar or diary for 2012 for the upcoming month copies?

  2. Hafily says:

    Is there anyway for me to grab a copy of the November Issues?

    • Yanne Wong says:

      HI! I think you can get it from certain places of the Cold Storage? I am a frequent shopper of Cold Storage and when i walked pass the magazine rack, they are still selling Nov & evenOct issue. I guess is depending whether the have finish selling it or not. I saw it at Yishun Northpoint’s Cold Storage. Can give it a try?

  3. Amy says:

    Re: OPEN LETTER: 5 THINGS WE REALLY WANT PRS TO KNOW: the comments function seems to have been switched off on the page against the story. Is that because you don’t want any more comments made on the topic? I know a lot of PR professionals who are keen to contribute to the discussion raised by your editorial team. It seems a bit strange not to allow the community to respond to an open letter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree, please re open the comments. I’m keen to have a say on the matter also.

    • Hi Amy, we disabled the Comments function of that post because we want to deal with this issue in an open and honest manner. We feel strongly that the discussion started off on the wrong foot – the issue isn’t about whether we should be called “journalists” or not.

      We are in the midst of gathering responses from PRs we have worked with and we will be sharing their responses to that post (both good and bad) in a separate blog-post. If you are from the PR industry and would like to voice out your thoughts to us, we appreciate if you could email us at

      Of course, we definitely would appreciate it if you can share your real name and company with us (if you would prefer to remain Anonymous, please tell us and we will not mention your identity in our response).

      For everyone else, we promise to post up the responses from PRs soon and you may continue the discussion from there.

      We hope to hear from you soon.


  4. Hi, I’m Sophie, from Sing’theatre. I’d like to send our Press Release, announcing our new play : 8 WOMEN to Denise Li. Could you please leave me your email adresse Denise? Thank you very much!

  5. Wasn’t Sally wearing Black in this picture, I spotted that!

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  9. CynthPop says:

    I’m an American beauty blogger fromTokyo- do you accept guest posts? Thanks!

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  1. […] how to write things happening in my life that would not offend the people in the story from Deborah Tan – Cosmomagazine Singapore. This are all skills that I am building. I had my close friend who are experts on communications […]

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