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 photoJOJo Upcraft


Jo has been editing and writing for women’s glossy magazines for rather a long time. After working in London and the Middle East, she moved to Singapore in May 2013 after visiting the Red Dot briefly and developing a crush. She loves words, Prosecco, new places, mascara, mashed potatoes, men with beards and dirty rock ‘n’ roll. She has too many shoes, too little sleep, and way too much fun. Importantly, she is never far away from a can of hairspray and a cardigan.

Janice Pidduck 

Fashion Director

Cosmo’s head style honcho knows a thing or two about fashion, and has been imparting her wisdom through women’s glossies in Singapore for the last decade. A self-confessed COS-addict who lives for style blogs, French Bulldogs and perfectly cut minimalist clothes, Janice is often found hustling at shoots, or discreetly smuggling her pet pooch into Cosmo HQ in a Calvin Klein handbag that does double duty as a stealth dog carrier.

CherylCheryl Chan

Fashion Writer/Stylist

Cheryl, the fashion plate and guinea pig of the team has only ever loved three men in her life. Phillip Lim for making her clothes, Kurt Cobain for making her music and Will Ferrell for creating her movies. She regularly speaks in a code of TV show quotes and Kanye West song lyrics only decipherable by other pop culture nerds. A self-confessed fashion hoarder (in which she blames the nature of her job), Cheryl has two closets with a third one along the way specially created for all the wide leg pants she wears to the office.

LizElizabeth Lee

Senior Beauty Writer

Liz has her mum to thank for her love of skincare (think: bi-weekly facials and starting on the Clinique 3-step programme at the tender age of 12). These days, our resident beauty expert is a firm believer in the 10-step K-beauty regime. Besides constantly badgering the team to slap on sunscreen and use eye cream religiously, she also hoards lipsticks, collects shoes and would never say no to sushi and Korean BBQ.

LucyLucy Cleeve

Senior Features Writer

Our resident girl with the curl, Lucy moved to Singapore from Melbourne in 2011. She’s a nosy thing – always snooping into other people’s business, and then writing about it. Lucy loves cooking, guys with accents and talking too much.


Sophie Hong1

Sophie Hong

Features Writer

A yoga-loving couch potato, Sophie counts Tina Fey and Jennifer Lawrence as her spirit animals. She also has a strange love for bro-medies (i.e: Blue Mountain State, 21 Jump Street, Harold & Kumar), rap music, beer and dirty jokes. As part of the features team at Cosmo, Sophie regularly pervs on men for work and is always on the lookout for interesting stories to tell.

Divya MenonphotoJO

Sub Editor

Divya loves making sentences and sugar cookies, and her motto is “Keep It Crisp”, which applies to both these things. The only song she knows all the lyrics to is the theme to The Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air, and she’s okay with that. When not at Cosmo HQ, you’ll most likely find Divya roaming Robertson Quay, listening to her Game Of Thrones audiobook.

13 Responses to “Team Cosmo”
  1. Yanne Wong says:

    Is there any gift like calendar or diary for 2012 for the upcoming month copies?

  2. Hafily says:

    Is there anyway for me to grab a copy of the November Issues?

    • Yanne Wong says:

      HI! I think you can get it from certain places of the Cold Storage? I am a frequent shopper of Cold Storage and when i walked pass the magazine rack, they are still selling Nov & evenOct issue. I guess is depending whether the have finish selling it or not. I saw it at Yishun Northpoint’s Cold Storage. Can give it a try?

  3. Amy says:

    Re: OPEN LETTER: 5 THINGS WE REALLY WANT PRS TO KNOW: the comments function seems to have been switched off on the page against the story. Is that because you don’t want any more comments made on the topic? I know a lot of PR professionals who are keen to contribute to the discussion raised by your editorial team. It seems a bit strange not to allow the community to respond to an open letter.

    • Anonymous says:

      Agree, please re open the comments. I’m keen to have a say on the matter also.

    • Hi Amy, we disabled the Comments function of that post because we want to deal with this issue in an open and honest manner. We feel strongly that the discussion started off on the wrong foot – the issue isn’t about whether we should be called “journalists” or not.

      We are in the midst of gathering responses from PRs we have worked with and we will be sharing their responses to that post (both good and bad) in a separate blog-post. If you are from the PR industry and would like to voice out your thoughts to us, we appreciate if you could email us at

      Of course, we definitely would appreciate it if you can share your real name and company with us (if you would prefer to remain Anonymous, please tell us and we will not mention your identity in our response).

      For everyone else, we promise to post up the responses from PRs soon and you may continue the discussion from there.

      We hope to hear from you soon.


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  5. Wasn’t Sally wearing Black in this picture, I spotted that!

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  9. CynthPop says:

    I’m an American beauty blogger fromTokyo- do you accept guest posts? Thanks!

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