The Singapore Gold Rush


With our national team sweeping up medals and smashing records like nobody’s business, Team Singapore is making itself comfy at the top of the leader-board for the SEA games. We’re going wow over Shanti Pereira, who won the 200m women’s sprint, our first gold for a sprint event since 1973 by national athlete Glory Barnabas. … Continue reading


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5 Hairstyles We Loved at the 2015 Tony Awards


Need a quick hairstyle that looks super complicated but is actually pretty easy to do on your own? Braids are a lifesaver. Vanessa Hudgens opted for a thick milkmaid-style crown, while Cosmo cover girl Emily Ratajkowski used itty-bitty plaits to accent her backless Marc Jacobs gown. The low bun has always been a one-way ticket … Continue reading

From New School to Old School by Maya Menon


Following the footsteps of the diverse women Marc Jacobs has chosen to front his past campaigns (Dakota Fanning, Jessica Lange, Sofia Coppola), Willow Smith and Cher are sharing duties as the face of his autumn-winter 2015 collection. Katie Grand, Editor-in-Chief of Love Magazine, first revealed the photograph of Cher via Instagram and Marc Jacobs soon … Continue reading

Take A Load Off, Barbie

Barbie BFFs - stepping out

After more than 50 years in heels, Barbie has finally put her teeny tiny foot down. She’s wearing flats and she doesn’t care what anyone says (even Ken). Mattel has given Barbie a makeover with the Barbie Fashionista line, and given the iconic doll ‘adjustable ankles’, designed to fit a whole swag of fancy footwear, … Continue reading

Accio Potterheads!


Speaking for every Potterhead out there: an irrevocable void was formed when the magical (pun intended) Harry Potter series ended with the seventh book. The two-part Deathly Hollows films eased our withdrawal symptoms before nostalgia for the Golden Trio of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint hit us hard. So we were already doing … Continue reading

Dr Pimple Popper – she pops ’em, we watch ’em


Watching dermatologist, Dr Sandra Lee, pop, squeeze and pick at pimples and blackheads is disgustingly wonderful. So much so that she’s amassed herself millions of views and over 160,000 Instagram followers who describe a ‘feeling of calm’ and a ‘gross satisfaction’, as they watch her clear out her patient’s pores. She says, “I think many … Continue reading

Music & Lyrics of SG50

Photo: Singapura The Musical Facebook page

With SG50 celebrations just round the corner, a whole slew of artsy, cultural events are coming out in full steam. Come to think of it, they’ll only be one SG50 in our lifetime. so we might as well start our pre-celebrations (or pre-pre-celebrations) and bask in the patriotic mood, even if it’s only the end … Continue reading

90s TV Was The Best, Fact. And It’s BACK!

But now we know who killed Laura Palmer...

We were a little bit (okay, a lot) excited when we heard about the return of David Lynch’s eerie crime drama, Twin Peaks to our living rooms (and our nightmares). Set in present day Twin Peaks, almost 25 years later, we’ll get to answer the question of what happened next in that creepy town. David … Continue reading


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