Cosmopolitan April 2014 – You Can’t Afford To Miss It!

0414Cosmo Blog Banner

Three things to look out for in our April issue: 1. Turn Everyday Life Into A Glam-athon   This month, our fashion spread model shows how to keep your chic on at bus stops, supermarkets and more. 2. Careful … It’s hot! Features Writer Mavis Ngui interviewed Singapore’s most charming baristas and chefs who look … Continue reading

Miranda Kerr In The Raw For Reebok – Hayden Ng


Some of us just can’t live without heels. They boost our confidence, make us sexy and give supermodel height (well, almost). But this season, we’re switching to comfy sneakers. And the newest pair to join our shoe cabinets is none other than Reebok Skyscape. Created with a two-way stretch material, Skyscape ensures that you’re able … Continue reading

The Fun, Cute And Insanely Hot #MyCalvins – Hayden Ng


Cosmo HQ is burning and it’s not just because of the heat outdoors. We’re fanning ourselves as we scroll through these Instagram uploads tagged with #MyCalvins. Oh boy, our fingers are sooo tired now. Photos: Respective Instagram accounts.

6 Tips For Gorgeous Eyes – Hayden Ng

2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show - Hair And Makeup

Just like you, I’m obsessed with getting my Asian eyes right. Every morning, I struggle with balancing the width of my double eyelids. On good eyes days, my lids are obediently lined at equal heights. But mostly, they’re an undecided pair – sometimes causing triple or worse, single eyelids. Anyway, yes – I understand it … Continue reading

Five Things To Say When Speed Dating – Chia Ee Khim

The Big Bang Theory

Happy Valentine’s to all! Single ladies, just remember you’re never alone during this time. Go out with friends, or not at all! Who said you have to celebrate V-Day, anyway?! But if you happen to be attending one of those speed dating events over the weekend (you can find loads on, here’s how to … Continue reading

What You’ve Missed On Grammy – Hayden Ng

56th Annual GRAMMY Awards - Arrivals

This isn’t a deleted scene from the awards ceremony but still, it’s probably the best (parody) video of Taylor Swift. Hit play. Photos: Getty Images

Spare The Rod and Spoil The Child – Mavis Ngui


Question: Since when do kids lecture their teachers? I am, of course, referring to this video making its rounds on Facebook and interrupting my feed of food porn.     Seen it? Yeah. Call me archaic, but if sweet-talkin’, good parental support and encouragement lead to this, I’ll gladly stock my house with good ol’ … Continue reading

Karl Lagerfeld Got Fired?! – Hayden Ng

Chanel : Runway - Paris Fashion Week - Haute Couture S/S 2014

Say whattt? So apparently, the King of Fashion Karl Lagerfeld was informed that he was fired at his show this week. And the one who broke the news to him was six-year-old Hudson Kroenig (who modelled for the same show). Of course, this isn’t real. The video (below) was shot by Cara Delevingne and in it, she … Continue reading

Why You Should Get A Tablet PC – Hayden Ng


Carrying your laptop out of your home is so 2000. If you haven’t heard, there’s tablet pc (as the name suggests, it’s a hybrid of the two said devices). And just when you thought this magical multi-tasking gadget couldn’t get any better, Sony has introduced the new VAIO Tap 11 –  boasting just a mere … Continue reading

15 Don’ts of Contact Lenses – Hayden Ng

JUN 14 1959, JUN 15 1959; The Old And The New; Carol Hammond of the Contact Lens Assn. for Optometry

1.       Wearing contact lenses more than a day Daily contact lenses’ material is very thin and may tear if you worn for a prolonged period. Rule: Discard daily contact lenses on the same day, even if they have only been used for a few hours. 2.       Not applying eye drops Rule: Dry eyes may need … Continue reading


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