Readers’ Feedback

Thank you for all your wonderful fan-mails and feedback! While we love nothing more than to send every single letter to print, there just isn’t enough space. So we have decided to start a new page to run some of your emails to us. Nothing makes our day more than receiving an encouraging email from you so do keep them coming. Whatever your thoughts about the magazine or the blog, simply send them to


Noelle via email:
Love the idea of The Cosmo Effect you guys are using in your TV commercial. As a new subscriber to Cosmo, I totally understand what you all were driving at. For years, I’ve been reading various magazines and, as much as I love reading them, I never really connected with them. After buying my first issue of Cosmo, I subscribed immediately (and it’s the one and only magazine I subscribe) and wait enthusiastically every month for my own copy of Cosmo. When I read about the legendary Helen Gurley Brown and her 10 commandments, I knew I got the right magazine cos that’s just the way I want to be, am and will be. So bring on the Cosmo effect and call me a Cosmo girl!


Robert via email:
Dear Cosmo Office,

Every month all of you show your skills with Cosmopolitan; a popular magazine that many people (mostly women) get a lot of pleasure from reading. In this month’s issue you continued to show off your paper printed baby; the product of your hard work.

But, most importantly, this month you showed gumption. You all did an important thing by showing what the body of real life women looks like to your readership. They see it every time they look in the mirror of course, however, it’s not often they see it in the media. Curvy, skinny, big chested, small chested; whatever, you all looked beautiful. Why? Because you are women.

We guys talk about what we like. Let me tell you; some like it skinny and slim. Not as many as you’d think. A lot like it curvy and bold. Some like it hairy and scary (maybe just me). Wear the bodies you have with no shame. Fearless female.

Bet you’re all enjoying the high of getting away with something taboo. Have a drink to celebrate this weekend. But remember, your bodies are not taboo.

It was a pleasure seeing you all half naked and I hope it happens again. I’d say you all have giant balls but I know it’s not true (got the bikini shots to prove it).

Happy returns,
Robert Kos

PS: The Japanese have saying, “ten men, ten colours” (different strokes, different folks). We got eight women and eight types. Give us two more!


Larin via email:
“Thank you COSMO for the awesome article on ‘Are you crazy enough to make these career moves?’ (March 2012) This article highlighted 4 ladies who have forgone their high pays to choose the job they like. They’ve inspired me to stay positive and encourged me to work for my passion. To feel alive and feel meaningful in what you do. It is definitely an encouraging article to motivate those who wants to live life with a meaning, enjoy your work and do what you like! Kudos to your magazine and I look forward to the next issue!”


Antho via email:
Despite being only a few months old, Cosmo Singapore has displayed maturity in design and content, catering to the needs female readers. It’s great that you guys have also been connecting actively with readers on Facebook, having interesting contests & tantalizing giveaways.”


Novi via email:
I love Cosmopolitan! The articles use real-life example and stories, which make them easier to relate. I love love LOVE ‘The Pippa Effect’ (January 2012, p106). I believe each of us has that person that we will always be compared to. But you have summed it up with a punch - to see things on the positive way, not to see that person as rival but as a secret weapon to help you become even better.”


Angelyn via email: 
“I would like to share with you how I feel about Cosmopolitan. It all started when I was browsing through the magazines at Popular bookstore and I saw the January issue. I was captivated by the coverlines on Cosmopolitan Singapore the moment I saw it and decided to get a copy to read. To my surprise, all the articles were very impressive. This is my first time buying a copy of Cosmo and the start to my addiction for Cosmopolitan magazines .The magazine is truly the one and only awesome and exotic magazine I’ve ever read. I don’t think I’ll be reading other magazines, since I’m already so hooked onto Cosmopolitan! Other magazines just feature lots of ads and commercials. But Cosmo is different, there are lots of interesting contents in EACH and EVERY issue. It’s probably the best magazine in Singapore. I’ve recommended Cosmo to my family and friends and they only have good and positive things to say. I’m always looking forward to the next one! It would be even better if the Cosmo Singapore magazine is available for the iPad, just like the US edition.”


*Letters have been edited for clarity. The letters shown on this website may or may not be printed in the magazine, and therefore does not automatically qualify for the monthly prize shown in the magazine’s letter page.

12 Responses to “Readers’ Feedback”
  1. Jin says:

    Hi! I just want to ask on which issue will the spring look be featured. I have a friend who did a spring wear photoshoot with you guys, she’s from SMU. Thanks

  2. Congrats! Nice… Timely..

  3. Dear Cosmo

    Our new friends Patricia and Andrew from Singapore have just returned from Slovenia and have written a great review that we thought you might be able to share with your readers.

    If you need more information or access to photos etc, please let us know.

    Kind regards,
    Greg and Ronalee

  4. Ching says:

    Hi I have a 12 months subscription but I have not recieved the May issue yet :(

    • Hi Ching

      Thank you for letting us know. We sincerely apologise for your inconvenience.

      Please email our colleagues at the Subscriptions department at or drop them a call at 6388 3838 / 6319 1111.


  5. Nisa Latifah says:

    I am a Cosmo subscriber but I have not received my May issue of the magazine yet. Please expedite this! Noone seems to be responding to my emails or calls, it’s getting frustrating.

  6. Chloe says:

    Hi, I’ve filled in my particular to join Cosmo Beauty Club and faxed it over to Cosmo before March 31, 2012. How would I know if the registration is successful?

  7. Anonymous says:

    Hey where is the Cosmo office in Singapore..I can’t find the address anywhere online


  8. An Chi Vuong says:

    Hi Cosmo

    I have attempted to buy the October issue on 18th Oct and discovered there is only November issue avail in various newsstands. Is there any way I can get hold of a copy?

    An Chi

  9. Hello Cosmo,
    I’m from Indonesia, I’d like to do a research on Cosmo Bride 2012.
    How can I get it?

    • Deborah Tan says:

      Hi Inayah,

      Please get in touch with our Marketing department at . They will be able to advise you on how to get a backdated copy of Cosmo Bride.

      Thank you,


  10. Do you plan to publish any feature contents involving any fashion & lifestyle bloggers based in Singapore?


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