If Plastic Surgery Could Make It All Better – Deborah Tan


I came upon a piece of news online today about a 13-year-old African-American girl asked to have a breast reduction to stop school bullies from picking on her because of her large breasts. In that same article, another example mentioned a girl who had her big ears surgically pinned back because she was also getting … Continue reading

Why Charisma Is So Important – Deborah Tan


“What?!” I pointed at the TV where a politician was shown giving a speech, “Seriously, if you want to be a political figure, shouldn’t you learn how to give good speeches? Shouldn’t you learn how to speak well, learn how to pronounce difficult words properly? Have some kind of rhythm in your voice? I mean … Continue reading

Right From Wrong: It’s Up To You – Deborah Tan


Recently there’s been a series of slides going around Facebook, illustrating the different perceptions people have about an occupation. And so, I thought I create one for magazine editors: While it was a humorous self-dig on my job, putting this slide together did get me to think about how different groups of people see me … Continue reading

“How Can You Say Baseball Is Not Romantic?” – Deborah Tan


Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love sports movies? That rousing feeling that you can achieve ANYTHING after watching one is something I’ve always found heartwarming and addictive. The feeling of invincibility that gives one so much hope and warmth is something each of us need to reclaim every once in a … Continue reading


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