Edmund Goh: Hot or not? Vote now!


He can cook, he can write, and he has a cool sense of style that street fashion photographers will chase after. Oh, and did we mention he can cook? Read more about 23-year-old food writer Edmund Goh. What turns you on? The type of girls I’m into are usually demure, good-natured, yet have a mind of … Continue reading

Shafie Hallil: Hot or not? Vote now!


When we spotted 21-year-old Shafie Hallil sitting on a bench, plugged in to his MP3 player, we were a little hesitant to approach him because he radiated waves of rebellious nonchalance. Then, he looked up, met our startled eyes, and broke into the sweetest smile, instantly wiping out our initial doubts. Turns out, he’s humble, polite and … Continue reading

Josh Anderson: Hot or not? Vote now!


It’s humanly impossible to miss 32-year-old real estate developer Josh Anderson on the streets because, apart from his good looks, he’s really, really tall (1.93m!). What turns you on? A beautiful smile. What turns you off? Anyone who is mean. What makes a woman sexy? Confidence. It shows in the way she dresses and walks. … Continue reading

Jonathan James: Hot or not? Vote now!


He’s shy, he’s modest, and he’s absolutely adorkable. Take a look at 27-year-old Jonathan James’ face — wouldn’t you want to take him home to see Mum? We totally would! What’s the sweetest thing a woman has ever done for you? She arranged a surprise trip to Scotland for my birthday. I was really touched.  What do … Continue reading

Haziq: Hot or not? Vote now!


Pointed-toe loafers — check; pristine suit — check; dreamy eyes — check; sex hair — a permanent-marker-with-extra-broad-chisel-tip-in-super-black check! Find out more about ultra confident yet strangely soft-spoken Haziq, 24, whom we chanced upon while sourcing for clothes at a high-end boutique. What turns you on? A beautiful smile always does it for me. What turns you off? … Continue reading

Steve: Hot or not? Vote now!


We counted our lucky stars when we spotted Steve, 24, at Clarke Quay, watching a soccer match on TV with his mates. Why? Check out his electrifying sky blue eyes, dirty blonde hair, adorable flushed cheeks … oh, the list could go on! What turns you on? A woman with lovely feminine curves. Even better if … Continue reading

Firly: Hot or Not? Vote now!


The moment we laid eyes on Firly, a 29-year-old analyst, we were immediately taken by his good looks and quiet charm. And in the five minutes we spent talking to him, his gentle disposition held an air of mystery that made us wish we could get to know him better. What turns you on? Posture — … Continue reading


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