The movie we should all be talking about instead of 50 shades


Hi there. Meet Taron Egerton. Get acquainted because we’re coming back to him later. So there’s this movie called Kingman: The Secret Service that opened around the same time as that other movie about that other cute guy in a suit. And what’s surprising is that this movie packed SO. MUCH. MORE. ACTION. First we have … Continue reading

Fifty Shades of Grey Ladies’ Night with Golden Village


Fifty Shades of Grey is finally out tomorrow in theaters and unless you’ve been living in a dungeon for the past few months, you would know about the hype that’s been going around the film and its infamous ‘Red Room’ (Hint: It’s not a room with red decor). The good news? The movie, while given … Continue reading

Things To Do This Month – Hayden Ng


1. Catch Le Noir Watch with bated breath as world class acrobats bring us this funny yet thrilling performance filled with daring and dangerous stunts, including The Wheel of Death. 2. Watch Under The Skin Within the first few minutes of this movie, you might have a wrong impression thinking it’s a horror film. Except, it’s not exactly … Continue reading

Swimming With Sharks: A Bloody Good Show – Vanessa Tai


I’ve been to productions that had me jiving in my seat (The Rocky Horror Picture Show), that had me in near-tears (Blackbird) and even those that lulled me to sleep (Porgy and Bess). However none has ever had me literally gripping at my seat, tense with anticipation. Not until I watched Swimming With Sharks last … Continue reading


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