Things To Do This Month – Hayden Ng


1. Catch Le Noir Watch with bated breath as world class acrobats bring us this funny yet thrilling performance filled with daring and dangerous stunts, including The Wheel of Death. 2. Watch Under The Skin Within the first few minutes of this movie, you might have a wrong impression thinking it’s a horror film. Except, it’s not exactly … Continue reading

Angelina Jolie Is Scary! – Hayden Ng


Perhaps it’s her razor-sharp cheekbones. Or maybe her ghostly white makeup. Angelina Jolie’s latest big screen role, Maleficent comes out in May and from the series of trailers, she looks scarier than ever. So, here’s the new, spine chilling teaser for the Disney film. Grab hold of your seats and be very afraid of this … Continue reading

How J.Law’s Pits Wowed Us – Hayden Ng

'The Hunger Games: Catching Fire' Premiere - The 8th Rome Film Festival

Part of being a fun and fearless female is to be unafraid to show your body. But we don’t mean taking over the streets topless. Apparently, the new way to show your sexy self is to … flaunt your pits. Jennifer Lawrence treats her fans to an armpit galore at The Hunger Games: Catching Fire … Continue reading

Achieve Party Perfection With December Cosmo!

1212 Cosmo Blog Banner

Survive the party season with these great stories from the December issue of Cosmopolitan! 1. Is The Man Available Or Is He Taken? This is a question lots of us will be wondering as we are introduced to one cute guy after another this Christmas. Sometimes, the dude is just being nice, and sometimes it’s … Continue reading

“I Can Just See Him In The Role But …” – Deborah Tan


I’m not a bookworm. Growing up, it was my sister who had always displayed a stronger love for books and literature. Until I was 14, I hated reading books with no pictures – guess that’s why I ended up working in magazines. But, thankfully, that habit has changed. Not sure about the rest of you … Continue reading

The Bourne Legacy, probably this Summer’s biggest disappointment – Denise Li


I have rather mixed feelings towards movie franchises with lots of sequels. While I don’t expect all the movies to be consistently good (though that would be ideal), I can usually make peace with that so long as the weakest link – at the very least – does justice to the series as a whole, … Continue reading

“How Can You Say Baseball Is Not Romantic?” – Deborah Tan


Have I ever mentioned to you how much I love sports movies? That rousing feeling that you can achieve ANYTHING after watching one is something I’ve always found heartwarming and addictive. The feeling of invincibility that gives one so much hope and warmth is something each of us need to reclaim every once in a … Continue reading

I Want To Marry Hugh Jackman – Deborah Tan


A punch, a kick, he gets thrown onto the floor and, the next thing, his opponent picks him up and proceeds to RIP. HIS. HEAD. OFF. As the violent scene plays out in front of me, I cringe, I whine and, I feel every bit of the pain the poor … robot … must be going through. Wait a … Continue reading

Don’t Be Fooled Into Watching This Movie! – Deborah Tan

So everyone’s really excited about the world’s first 3D erotic flick, 3D Sex & Zen: Extreme Ecstasy (S&Z). Having seen lots of action movies in 3D, people are curious just how a movie like S&Z would turn out. As one member of Cosmo elegantly put it, “So you will see things poking out.” I went to see it … Continue reading

True Grit – Denise Li

I’ve always had a deep respect for women working in male-dominated industries. Even in the absence of outright sexual harassment, the worst form of workplace gender discrimination there is, there’s always the negative gender stereotypes and proverbial glass ceiling to battle with. You only need to take a look at what’s going on in Hollywood … Continue reading


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