The Real Reason He Isn’t Texting You Back

Forgetting Sarah Marshall movie image Jason Segel

New Year Resolutions We Should All Keep To – Carina Koh


This year, it’s not about drinking less, or dressing up more – it’s getting real. 1) Be kind to yourself Would you ever catch yourself saying “God, you’re so ugly. Look at that tummy, who would ever like you?” to your best friend? No? Well, then you better stop saying that to yourself because seriously, … Continue reading

Why Relationships Don’t Last – Hayden Ng

2013 Vanity Fair Oscar Party

The world (or rather, mine) has turned gloomy since the demise of a six-year relationship between Hollywood hot couple Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom. They seem to have had it all – great looks, a cute son, perfect figures, many endorsements, successful careers, great looks (wait, did I mention that already) … But why do couples … Continue reading

Single and Lovin’ It! – Vanessa Tai


You know that childhood ditty that goes, “First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes baby in the baby carriage”? As innocuous as this silly little rhyme sounds, it actually sets the tone for many young girls (and boys) to expect that’s how life is supposed to pan out. Meet the love of your life … Continue reading

How Do You Know You’re In A Relationship? – Denise Li


In a non-Cosmo-approved poll done among my attached friends (like, um, 5 of them), only one say for certain when she entered a relationship. That person is me. I admit, it took a few pints of liquid courage for me to ask him, “So, I’m leaving for Singapore tomorrow. Are we, like, exclusive?”, but the … Continue reading

The Sex Workshops You Should Know – VANESSA TAI


Recently, over a game of Truth or Dare and one too many Hoegardens, my best male buddy ‘fessed up, “The worst oral I ever got was when I opened my eyes to see her staring up intently at me … I know it’s supposed to be sexy or something, but it just freaked me out!” Needless … Continue reading


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