Food Review: Saboten Dining at IMM – Hayden Ng

Salmon Sashimi & Loin Katsu Gozen - $22.90

Tired of small portions on your lunch trays? We feel you. Sometimes, we just want to sink our teeth into an extra-large bowl of rice and mountains of fried food (shoo off, calorie calculator). Well, if only those kilo joules don’t count, we’d gladly pig out all day. And if you like having many dishes … Continue reading



13 April 2012 (Friday) Eat: Bonta’s Hook, Line & Sinker Love fish? Then you won’t want to miss out on the lovely rainbow trout creations at Hook, Line & Sinker. We love the homemade rainbow trout ravioli, served with Mediterranean scampi and basil oil – the pasta is al dente and has a wonderfully buttery … Continue reading


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